Sweatressfree Checker Switching Tee - Charcoal

AU$ 92.52
Japan Import

Waist: 51.5" x Length: 30.5"

  • Body : 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
    Separate cloth : 67% Polyester / 26% Cotton / 7% Rayon
  • Japan Import
  • Thin, silky polyester/cotton blend material
  • SWEATRESSFREE(スウェットレスフリー): The surface of the fabric is specially processed, sweating is not noticeable
  • Deodoran Tape ®(デオドランテープ®)
    Deodorant: It has a deodorant effect against odors such as sweat, and reduces unpleasant odors when the tape comes into contact with odorous components
    Antibacterial: Silver positive ions suppress the growth of bacteria attached to the tape and prevent the generation of odors
  • Chest pocket