Bathroom Antimold Fogger

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  • Through the "silver ion (Ag)" smoke disinfection of the invisible pathogenic bacteria that cause black mold, it prevents black mold from growing in the bathtub and recurring blackening
  • The smog attached to the antiseptic ingredient "Silver ion (Ag)" is transmitted to every corner of the bathroom to completely eliminate the invisible black mold pathogenic bacteria.
  • In fact, black mold pathogenic bacteria that are invisible in daily life will appear in the bathroom! Even the visible black mold must be handled carefully.
  • Silver ion (Ag) is a familiar and widely used ingredient, such as an antiperspirant, so it can be used with confidence. Since there is no chlorine in it, it will not have a pungent smell like a mildewcide.
  • You can use it without gloves
  • The product has been tested and can reach a 99.999% sterilization level
  • Use the antifungal aerosol once every two months. Regular use can further enhance the antifungal effect. Even if you don't use mold remover, you only need to clean it regularly.
  • After use, it will emit a light and mild soap scent (after ventilation, the scent will quickly subside)

  • Usage:
    [Before use] **This product has no mold removal effect and will not remove any obvious mold**
    (1) Please clean the mold
    (2)Close the windows and stop the ventilation system

    [When you start to use] **No need to take out the objects in the bathroom **You can use the bathroom even if the bathroom is wet**
    (1)Open the container, Take out the metal can from the aluminum bag
    (2) Fill the container with water to the black dotted line at the bottom of the container, and then place it in the center of the bathroom
    (3) Place the metal can with the ↑ mark facing up Put it into the container and close the ring lid.
    (4)Wait for about 20-30 seconds after confirming that there is smoke coming out, go out of the bathroom, and close the door for at least 90 minutes

    [After use]
    (1) Open the door/open the windows to maintain good ventilation (no need to rinse with water)
  • Do not use for any purpose other than the intended use
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Be careful not to breathe fumes
  • Do not touch the jars that are in use because they are hot
  • Keep the product away from high temperature, direct sunlight, and high humidity
  • This product is a product to prevent the growth of black mold and has no effect on removing mold
  • The anti-fungal effect depends on the bathroom environment, and different bathroom environments have different results.
  • 21H14A-LIO-SHO-117