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Goodbye Dust Mites

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  • Just put down this product, take it away and throw it away
  • There are 4 pieces (split) inside* Use period: 1 piece takes about 2 months*
  • With 3D structure (the product is currently applying for a patent)
  • The "strong adhesive part" in the center of the product contains food additives to attract mites
  • Due to the three-dimensional structure formed by the outer layer "polyurethane foam" and "nonwoven fabric", the ticks that enter the product cannot escape
  • Amazing catch rate! Each sheet can catch about 250,000 mites, so a box of 4 pieces will catch a total of about 1 million mites (about 2 months)
  • Safe and reliable, no chemical substances, no chemical substances harmful to humans and animals
  • The product has food additives and is used as an attractant to attract mites
  • It is safe to keep this product near people with allergies or pets
  • The 4-piece split type can be used in multiple places
  • Because the mites like darkness, the black material is specially used to misunderstand the mites as dark and attract them into the product

  • Placement:
  • Place it in a place where ticks are worrying. If it is a large location, it needs to be set every 1 meter, and the product can exert its effect within a radius of 1 meter. If it is set on a single bed, please sandwich it between the bedsheet and the mattress. The upper and lower positions are about 1 meter apart.
  • Disposal method:
  • Drop directly into the trash can, and its special 3D structure will not let the mites scatter

  • Notes:
  • Do not use for any other purpose
  • Please set up and use immediately after opening
  • The effect will vary depending on the usage environment
  • If you find any abnormalities in your body, please stop using them immediately
  • Do not use in direct contact with skin, pets, or children
  • Please keep the product out of the reach of children
  • Do not approach the fire, humidity, or direct sunlight.
  • This product has no effect on blood-sucking mites
  • This product has a faint smell of attractant
  • 21H03A-SAY-SHO-115